Mac Cleaner

by maccleaners on November 22, 2013

Some advice to keep your Mac clean and organized Tidiness and organization are two good ways of keeping your Mac in perfect condition. There is nothing worse than a desktop full of icons and folders with a bunch of files all scattered around; in short, a messy computer. Here are two little tips that can greatly help in maintaining your computer more organized, and above all, visually appealing. Some users seem to make a habit of just laying files around on the desktop. Part of the desktop function is hosting temporary files for quick access in certain situations; but it is so handy to have absolutely nothing on the desktop and it is so easy to use alternative options that you’ll soon decide that you want those files to be organized. How to do it? It’s very simple: use a folder with direct access from the Desktop. You can do this by creating a folder called “desktop” (or any name you like) and then storing the documents in it. After creating the folder, add it to the Dock in paragraph batteries and select as default preview by crosslinking. Since we can also remove the icons from the hard disks connected to your computer (via the General tab in the Options Menu for Finder), you can select which disks you want to show on the desktop; in other cases, you can only do this by accessing it directly from the Finder. Using Smart Folders can automate the organization of your downloads. In this way we can create three folders or mailboxes to store all content added to the Downloads folder independently. The second rule allows you to filter only new content. So even if the folder searches the entire Mac, it will not display anything older than 7 days (you can define another time if you want) and that will almost certainly match your records of the Downloads folder. Once the three folders are created, all content that comes to your Downloads folder is organized independently.